To All AFRW Members, Family, Friends and Patriots,

I’m reminded everyday of All the wonderful freedoms that we have. Freedom to choose where you worship, where you work, where you live, who you would like to see in office, and so many more important choices that will affect the way you live, everyday! We have the right to say what we believe, what we think and what we feel is right. This is Not a time for silence. For by saying and doing nothing, we as conservatives, become complacent and do not have a voice in some of these freedoms we hold so dear!

Together, we can rise up and stand united, NOT divided. We are the United States of America. Please remember everyone who gave their lives so that we have these Precious  FREEDOMS and please continue to pray for our President, our Nation and our State and Local representatives who help us keep those freedoms!

In God Alone We Trust,
Trump 2020!
Kathy Smith
Acting AFRW President



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LPGA International

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AFRW President Debbie Phillips



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