September 2020

Today we remember the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. These  were the deadliest attacks on US soil since the Pearl Harbor bombing that launched the US into World War II. The plane hijackings that struck the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field killed 2,977 people. The world was forever changed and our government initiated policies to combat terrorism.

Today we remember the names of the innocent people who lost their lives, the first responders, the police and firefighters and all who gave their lives while trying to save others. As a country, we came together. Courage has no color, no race and no religion. We need to come together again.

Today we stand and support those who love our country and rebuke those who don’t defend her. We have a choice in less than fifty-five days; A choice for freedom over tyranny, for life of the unborn over death, Religious freedom over socialism,  self responsibility over government welfare (including Medicare for all), and  a choice of more law and order over more “peaceful protesters” looting, burning and rioting. The choice is clear. We have a Constitutional duty To vote and vote we will. We pray That everyone will exercise that right and Vote for our President Donald J. Trump!

In Service,
Debbie Phillips, AFRW President
Conservative, American, Patriotic Leader



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AFRW President Debbie Phillips


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