As the President of the AFRW,  I feel a personal responsibility for the health & safety of all of our members. Florida has been declared a state of emergency with the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID19). I feel that it is in the best interest of the AFRW to cancel all of our large public gatherings until further notice, as our Governor DeSantis had suggested yesterday afternoon.

We will reassess the situation at the beginning of April regarding our calendar of events, socials & political activities and make a decision at that time regarding resuming our AFRW itinerary.

Finally, please pray for the health & safety of our President, Donald J. Trump, his family, his staff, ALL of our Government Officials,  Republican Candidates & especially our AFRW, FFRW & NFRW Members, families & friends.

Please Stay Safe & SANITIZE

In Service,
Debbie Phillips
AFRW President



Meeting Location

LPGA International

1000 Champions Drive, Daytona Beach, FL 32124



AFRW President Debbie Phillips



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